SIAM - System for Intelligent Appointment Management

E-Mobility cluster Regensburg advises Start-up

The company rBITech UG, which is located in the IT-Speicher Regensburg, is a major step further with its project concept SIAM. At the beginning of the year, the start-up submitted its concept at the support programme BayTOU and had been successful. Now a second objective is to also recieve a funding for the development of the project up to the prototype. In this second period, the young company is advised by the E-Mobility Cluster Regenburg, which already supported the company when applying. 

The "System for Intelligent Appointment Management", SIAM, should help the users to organize their workflows and work planning. It offers an intelligent schedule management system, which can be used by means of voice control and is adaptive - it adapts to the activities of the user. It is employed at board-computers of modern vehicles and offers several assistance services like travel logs, time management or follows the fuel consumption. In this way, the user is able to retrieve every information by means of manual control or voice control.

An exemplary use of SIAM is when a traffic jam occurs. The system here not only suggests an alternative route, but automatically moves appointments, which would be endangered by the delay and informes the appointment-partner about the delay. In this context, not only the following appointment is adapted in your own calendar, but also all concerned appointments are updated.

A further application area of SIAM is in the range of route planning of electric vehicles. In this way a route in dependence of possible charging-points for electric vehicles can be established.

Such a close cooperation of cause (traffic jam) and effect (late arrival at the business partner) is currently not available in any system offered on the market. SIAM closes this gap. The intelligent software tool considers and handles all connections and interactions between single applications.

Plans are for SIAM to be implement in a period of 2-3 years.