SEMP - Smart Energy Management Program

According to the renewable-energies-law (EEG, §6), operator of renewable-energy-plants until 1000 KW must allow the network operator the possibility of intervention to reduce the feed in power. In return, the network operator is obligated to carry out an accurate registration and recording of the EEG-management-measures and to compensate the concerned operator for the electricity not fed into the grid. In the network area of Bayernwerk, 1.007 control deployments had been necessary in June 2015. We should take into account the fact that with over 250.000 plants being in need of regulation, a majority of the German PC supplier s are located in the network area of Bayernwerk.

In the research project SEMP, a holistic system, which is compliant to the future measuring system 2020, is being developed to safely and actively regulate the electrical suppliers and loads in accordance with the renewable-energies-law, the energy-industry-law and the regulation for disconnectable loads as well as the detection of attacks. SEMP represents and entirely novel combination of innovative technologies and latest developments. IT comprises a local control unit which receives, validates and executes commandos through the SmartMetering Gateway as well as an active Gateway Admin System for the control, billing and compensation administration, a system infrastructure or process landscape for installation, operation and maintenance of the system through respective service provicers as well as innovative safety functions, used in the energy management for the first time.

Project size: 1.4 million euros 

  • The project SEMP comes to an end in June 2018. The size of the ZIM-project amounts to 1.4 million euros
  • Cooperation partners are the companies E.ON Metering GmbH, ITF-Fröschel EDV GmbH and eMundo GmbH