NoFaRe - non-invasive facility- and resource monitoring

Within the project "Non-invasive facility- and resource monitoring" (NoFaRe), an innovative sensor system for consumption measurement in buildings is being developed, including the value chain built on it.

At the beginning of every optimization there is a measurement to determine the demand and the later success. The energy efficiency of many devices like working-station PC, coffee machine or servomotor in the manufacturing industry can only be increased manually - despite some current trends of remote control. A reliable activity- and consumption-monitoring is necessary to motivate the consumer to save electricity and costs. Nowadays the installation of an energy management system in buildings results in high costs for sensors, because modern resource monitoring systems need a lot of measuring points, depending on the building size, structure and required degree of optimization. Particularly in less well insulated existing constructions, a corresponding re-equipment would be useful but not economically substitutable due to the high investment costs. Therefire solutions that work without changing existing production lines and building structures are especially attractive.

In this R&D project, a non-invasive system is being developed which gathters and stores measured values on the basis of interactions and overlaps by evaluationg available and minimal quantity of additional sensors (Smart Meter, water meter, etc.). The operation of a light switch for example can be detected by a separate sensor, but also by the related change of load profiles of a high resolution electricity meter. Through the use of this detailed measurement, the sensor itself, as well as the wiring, which is expensive to retrofit, can be saved. Depending on the degree of detail, new functions like faul localization become possible and affordable. To identify patterns and develop efficient collation algorithms, algebraic terms are used among other things. It is the aim to avoid capital expenditures of an invasive sensor system by using a single, central measuring system.

The applicability of this new monitoring technology range from a breakdown of the consumption in the facility management, building optimization solutions to monitoring of industry- and production facilites. The prepared information are the basis for a new generation of facility and resource management systems.

Costs: 2 million euros 

  • NoFaRe is a ZIM-project and lasts 36 months from January 2015. The costs amount to about 2 million euros.
  • The participants include EBSnet | eEnergy Software GmbH, MergSystems GmbH & Co.KG, rBITech UG, Sonixc GmbH, OTH Regensburg and TU München