Feasibility study inductive charging of E-Taxis

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The inductive energy transmission is a technological future topic for E-Mobility because it will make the charging more comfortable and safe. With inductive charging, the charging current is transferred from one coil to the other contactless. The energy providing coil can be integrated flush into the parking lot. In the urban space, especially in the context of world heritage of Regensburg, this can lead to a higher acceptance of E-Mobility.

For the user, the frequent connecting and disconnecting of the power cable is dropped. The charging technology functions safely under all weather conditions - also in the case of moisture, ice and snow, since open spaces of 10 cm and more between the coils are technically feasible.

The E-Mobility cluster Regensburg currently examines the feasibility of this project in coopoeration with Prof. Dr. Birgit Rösel from the Eastbavarian technical university of Regensburg.