EU-project "Safe and Greend Road Vehicles (SAGE)":

The project SAGE indentifies project themes and cooperation partners for common developments and market activites in e-mobility.

Safe and Green Road Vehicles (SAGE)

 In November 2011, Regensburg awarded the contract for promoting the e-mobility cluster in the project " Safe and Green Road Vehicles". The project was supported in the 7th framework programme of the EU. In a europe-wide selection process, 8 out of a total of 30 projects had been selected, among them the SAGE-project. In the next three years, representatives from five european automotive-clusters developed clean and safe vehicle concepts. Besides the region West Sweden and Regensburg, the italian region Piemont around the city of Turin as well as the clusters from Paris and Warsaw, had been represented with different actors in the project. Some well known automobile manufacturers, like Volvo, Fiat, Renault, Peugot and Citroen were counted among the selected project partners. In the network, Regensburg acts as an accounted automotive location. Besides the city administation (economic development office), the university of Regensburg, represented by Prof. Dr. Jürgen Mottok, and Continental Automotive GmbH, took part.