Joint project "Intelligent voltage-stability medium-voltage grid"

The Bavarian reasearch foundation supports the research project "intelligent voltage-stability medium-voltage grid", which was realized by the faculty electric- and information technology of the university of Regensburg, under the leadership of Prof. Dr. Andreas Welsch, together with the faculty computer science and mathematics, the REWAG gas and water supply Regensburg AG & Co KG and the Maschinenfabrik Reinhausen GmbH. The regulation of medium-voltage grids as an "interface" between electricity producer and consumer is taking on an increasingly important role considering the energy revolution.

It is the objective to equip a medium-voltage grid with high regenerative energy input so that reliable data for controlling medium-voltage grids can be determined. On the basis of the forgoing, information for a safe and robust establishment and operation of intelligent grids should be gained. This is essential, in particular against the background that voltage grids increasingly become vulnerable to disruptions by the increased supply from regenerative energies. The results of the project should benefit the power producer as well as the electricity consumer.