Functional safety at charging stations

In cooperation with the LaS³  (Laboratory for Safe and Secure Systems), the E-Mobility Cluster Regensburg studied charging stations on their security features. The aim was both to make a statement about the current level of protection, as well as on ways to improve.

For the classification in Safety Integrity Level (SIL), charging stations had been assessed about their risk. Therefore the possible malfunctions and the occurring hazard to users or the environment had been identified. To avoid malfunctions, security features had been implemented. Certain security features had been implemented in most commercially available charging stations already.

Based on the hazard, the SIL imposed requirements for the safety circuit of the overall system regarding to the failure rates and the usable components. For this, a standard charging station model had been investigated and evaluated. On the basis of this, additional requirements occuring in the architecture of charging stations had been investigated. 

Requirements for the lifecycle management of the product have been created in higher safety integrity levels, like how maintenance is carried out and what documents are necessary here. These steps were included in the study.

In cooperation with the University of Regensburg and the laboratory LaS³, the cluster created a guideline for the creation of fail-safe software in terms of functional safety at charging stations according to the IEC 61508.
The guide will be available for prospects fee-based.