Electric vehicles as fleet vehicles of the city of Regensburg

The city of Regensburg is testing two all-electric run Citroen C Zero as fleet vehicles in a public administration with the collaboration of the cluster members Siemens AG and Continental AG, as well as Sixt Leasing.

Since May 2012, employees of the city were able to book two electric vehicles for their inner-city business trips. The objective was to sound, to what extent electric vehicles can be used as pool vehicles of a city administration and how they prove their usefulness in the everyday use, according to the latest technology. The vehicles had been refuelled at two "wall boxes" of the project partner Siemens AG, which had been developed under the leadership of the location Regensburg. The scientific accompanying research included two questionnaire campaigns, which had been coordinated by the Continental AG and the university of Regensburg. On the one hand, the experiences of the drivers when operating and on the other hand the general attitude towards electric vehicles, had been analysed. Technical operating data during the trip could be recorded and then analysed by the cluster e-mobility.