Electric vehicles as fleet vehicles of the city of Regensburg

The city of Regensburg is testing two all-electric run Citroen C Zero as fleet vehicles in a public administration with the collaboration of the cluster members Siemens AG and Continental AG, as well as Sixt Leasing.

"Intelligent voltage-stability medium-voltage grid"

The Bavarian research foundation supports the research project "Intelligent voltage-stability medium-voltage grid".

metropol-E: settlement-oriented model for the sustainable construction and support of the e-charging infrastructure

The primary goal of the project "metropol-E" was the sustainable integration of innovative E-mobility applications into future mobility concepts. Working priority was the economic analysis of central promotion- and incentive systems for building up and operating charging infrastructures in the federal system with particular emphasis of the connection of E-mobility to the local traffic system.

Functional safety at charging stations

In cooperation with the LaS³  (Laboratory for Safe and Secure Systems), the E-Mobility Cluster Regensburg studied charging stations on their security features.