Framework for charging stations

Partners of the project "Framework for charging stations"

With 1,2 million Euro, the Bavarian economic ministry supports a project of the "Nework for intelligent charging technology" (iLEM). The aim of the project is to develop kind of a "construction kit" for charging station manufacturers, which should lead to a more simple, fast, uniform and cheap product development.

 Currently every manufacturer of charging stations for e-mobility vehicles uses his own developments for technology, design and operation. It is for this reason that for example different charging stations can not be combined with each other. Depending on the manufacturer concept, the user guidance is different at each charging station. For the customer, this means that he has to relearn the operation at each charging station.
A project of the network "intelligent charging technology for E-mobility vehicles", which is promoted with 1,2 million Euro by the economic ministry within a funding program for information- and communication technologies, should find a remedy: the consortium develops kind of a "construction kit" for charging station manufacturers, which should lead to a more simple, fast, uniform and cheap product development.

"Software framework" for charging stations

The project-consortium from the "network for intelligent charging technology (iLEM)" consists of the companies evopro systems engineering AG, i-NOVATiON GmbH, iNTENCE automotive electronics GmbH, initPRO GmbH and of the universities Regensburg and Deggendorf. It is the goal to develop a "software framework", on the basis of which uniform and intuitive user-interfaces can be developed, the control system and networking of charging stations can be improved and the software can be developed more simple and more fast.

Besides the insufficient range, the missing charging stations are one of the reasons that the development of e-mobility failed to live up to the expectations. The funding project will enable developments, that are nessecary for a successful market launch of e-mobility and that will accelerate these processes.

The project relies on a close cooperation between companies from the range of electricity, electronics and IT. New information- and communication technology solutions for charging-systems should be realized in common. 

User-friendly human-machine-communication

One special focus of the program will be the development of a framework for a modern, intuitive and user-friendly human-machine-communication. The system should provide support for the user during the charging process, be available on mobile devices and inform about the charging process.

Furthermore, a HTML5/JavaScript/WebGL based framework is being developed, which offers new methods and approaches to develop applications on embedded systems and therefore creates reusable and hardware-independent software components. 

Uniform communication system

With the development of a basic component for communication technology applications, a uniform commiunication system should arise by integrating a standardized server interface and a software, which is maintainable and updatable through the network. This should enable a connection of bigger charging networks to central servers, that offer services like load management, data provision for navigation systems or maintenance of charging stations. 
Until 2016, the development of the framework should almost be completed. The final market readiness should be reached shortly before the expected market launch of e-mobility. 
The marketing then starts with a pilot-project and will be continued by the project partners. Different service offers, like a service & repair management should gradually complement the framework.