Charging Pole Map

In order to establish electromobility practicable, a well-developed charging infrastructure is needed. Therefore, another key aspect of the E-Mobility Cluster is the mobilization and planning of projects in the field of charging stations infrastructure. In this section we would like to present the current projects on "charging station infrastructure." In addition, you will find an overview of the current charging infrastructure in Regensburg and the surrounding areas.

Charging Pole Map

In the following chart you get an overview over the charging poles in Regensburg and its sorroundings.

Development of a software framework for charging poles

With 1.2 million Euro, the Bavarian ministry of economics supported a project of the E-Mobility Cluster of Regensburg.

REWAG charging pole infrastructure

The REWAG- energy and water supply AG & Co KG of Regensburg - devlops E-Mobility in Regensburg and currently sets up a charging pole infrastructure.