E-Taxis in Regensburg in advance

Environmental committee of the city of Regensburg decides a sponsorship in the amount of 250.000 €

In the range of E-Mobility, Regensburg is right in the front. Until November 2015, the Rampini Bus, which is currently loaned, is running on the old-town-line. But from the end of the year 2016, 5 Rampinis are going to support the bus-fleet of Regensburg electrically.

Even the fleet of the city of Regensburg with its 20 vehicles is a showcase project for Germany.

To finally complete the picture and keep on supporting the E-Mobility, the city of Regensburg sponsors the acquisition of electric taxis. The promotional volume would come to 250.000 € - the first 25 vehicles will be sponsored up to a figure of 6.000 €.

With this projects, the city of Regensburg follows the primary goal of reducing emissions and noise pollution to improve the quality of life. The sponsorship of E-taxis a further step to reach this vision.

The E-Mobility cluster of Regensburg welcomes this step, because the visibility of E-Mobility will significantly increase in the townscape.