Application Projects

The success of electric vehicles heavily depends on the participation of citizens. In order to make electromobility percetible, the E-Mobility Cluster Regensburg initiates and designs application projects. In this section we would like to introduce our latest application projects.

Regensburg is purchasing five E-buses

The "Regensburger Verkehrsbetriebe GmbH (RVB) is purchasing five electric buses from italian manufacturer Rampini Carlo S.p.A. for public transport in the Old Town. This means that the call for bids that was issued in August last year is closed successfully. 

Regensburg decides the purchase of E-Taxis

The environmental committee of the city of Regensburg decides the sponsorship in the amount of 250.000 €.

Bike rental system

Regensburg is currently planning a bike rental system. As soon as possible about 500 E-Pedelecs should be available for rent in Regensburg. 

E-Car sharing

Within the scope of a project, the number of electrical rides should be increased using a car sharing model to make electro mobility available to a wider audience.

Electro mobility in entrepreneur fleets

Together with the energy agency Regensburg, the city of Regensburg is working at a project, which set itself the goal of increasing the number of electric vehicles in fleets of larger companies.

Old town logistics

The city of Regensbug collects ideas for several pilot projects and checks their feasibility to make non avoidable trips with an electric vehicle.