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Optimising traffic planning and management is one of the major challenges of the future, and an area in which digitalisation will play a decisive role.

Traffic must flow quicker, must become safer, must be organised such that the needs of all road users are taken into consideration, and must give priority to emergency vehicles as well as to local public transport.
At the same time, harmful emissions must be reduced. Autonomous vehicles will help in this respect; however, they must be managed and must reliably recognise emergency vehicles in all situations. This must not result in a loss of individuality and flexibility.

This is where the products and services of SMEV AG come into play.
Local-government and private customers receive tailor-made solutions. The latest technology, flexible adaptation options and the fundamental principle of integration of all road users create the traffic model of the future.
Clean, safe, fast and for the benefit and protection of all citizens. That is our mission. For this we have developed our exclusive and patented system.

Allow yourself to be surprised!

SMEV ONE enables faster drivings in emergencies and reduces costs!

SMEV ONE is an ITS Cooperative System that changes the way of addressing emergency responses in the Smart City. Resorting to geo-location and not to devices installed in traffic lights, SMEV ONE provides an open path to emergency services by

  • clearing junctions from disturbing traffic, and
  • reorganising traffic dynamics in real time in the area surrounding the route to an incident.
Technologiepark 1
15236 Frankfurt (Oder)
Christian Rotthaus
+49 171 3429046

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