Subsidy Screening

The implementation of future research and development projects often requires financial support by subsidies, because the development costs can't be brought up from the day to day cashflow of the company. The E-Mobility Cluster helps members to evaluate and choose suitable third-party-funds, analyze their programs, funding and framework conditions to identify possible imponderability as soon as possible and to increase the probability of success.

The E-Mobility Cluster supports regarding different aspects:

  • Information bundling and support
  • Selection of appropriate funding programs for individual projects
  • Coordination and initial contact with the project management

Funding Acqusition

The E-Mobility Cluster helps their members with the fast and effective implementation of innovative project ideas. We suggest to first submit an idea sketch and prepare a non-binding, financial estimate. With help of the cluster members are able to draw up a meaningful idea sketch.

We also assist upon consulting the draft of the project outline and the accurate processing of administrative forms while filing the complete funding application. Due to long years of experience with funding programs, it became obvious where the emphasis in a funding proposal is to lay, which mistakes can be avoided from the start and which wordings are recommended in the application.

Furthermore we promote a scientific cooperation with regional universities among research and development projects to implement innovative results of research in concrete applications and products.

It requires a risky financing to implement a project idea into an innovation and conduct concrete research and development projects. For this, subsidies and third party funds are available.

  • Assessment for the eligibility
  • Support for selecting suitable subsidies
  • Support during the application process

R&D Project Management

Following the successful approval of funding, the coordination of the project is of vital importance. Within the framework of separate agreements, the cluster is to contribute its expertise here. Prior the project, key requirements for a correct project implementation are being discussed with the project partners. To ensure a controlled project plan, the cluster supports the compliance of formal and organizational eligibility conditions. These include compliance of reporting dates, assistance in elaboration and wording of project reports.

Concering overall questions, the E-Mobility Cluster is pleased to coordinate the communication with the project sponsor in order to find solutions for occurring problems.

  • Monitoring of reporting dates
  • Support for drafting reports
  • Communication with the project sponsor

Project Labeling

The E-Mobility Cluster offers the possibility to bring experiences in working with funding projects to own project ideas. For this it's possible to submit existing project outlines or idea sketches for proofreading. Having been reviewed, these projects can be given the label "Project of the E-Mobility Cluster Regensburg". This increases the chance of an approval.