Technology marketing

A professional advertising presence, for example in social networks, is nowadays a requirement to be successful as a company. Through PR and additional cross-linking to closely related industries, a company gains attention in the google-ranking. The E-Mobility Cluster thereby supports the member companies and publishes press releases or current news through a variety of channels: Cluster-website and social media (facebook, twitter, google+). Furthermore, the news are included in the regular newsletter. If there are successful projects within working groups, they are spread to our press distribution list by press release. The cluster also supports companies with participation in joint stands at relevant trade fairs (e.g. eCarTec).

  • Website
  • Social media
  • Newsletter
  • Press release
  • Flyer
  • Trade fairs


Anyone who shares their own know-how with others and expands their international knowledge, remains competitive and innovative. The international networking of cluster members therefore is a central element of the cluster strategy. A concentration on national economic-, technology- and research markets is no longer adequately for companies as well as for clusters. Cluster must cooperate across regional and national borders, develop strategies and consistently pursue these to support the clusters' companies to maintain and expand their market position as globalization of industry continues to increase.

Big companies, especially "Global Players", have the necessary resources to use the competencies and potentials of different countries optimally. Whereas small or medium-sized companies rarely dispose the necessay ways and means to initiate a sustainable process for internationalization. The absence of only a suitable strategy, appropriate information in foreign markets or local contacts can be a big hurdle. There is often a lack of well-qualified staff with international experience, which is very important for acting at international markets.

These missing resources can be compensated by common acting and support of the cluster

  • Organization of country specific workshops
  • Organization of delegation trips
  • International partner scouting
  • Entrance to the international network of the E-Mobility Cluster
  • Support for the application of EU-prjects
  • Support for the development of a company specific internationalization strategy


Regensburg is a technology oriented production site and among the top 10 technology sites of Germany for years. A few companies are also members of the E-Mobility Cluster Regensburg.

With the label "E-Mobility made in Regensburg", the cluster developed a further channel for the marketing of new technollogies. Companies are able to use this label for their own marketing of the product and in addtion the channels of the E-Mobility Cluster Regensburg (Website, social media, press distribution list). This also applies to the technologies which result from common projects within groups of the E-Mobility Cluster.