Cross Services

Funding Consultation

The founding consultation is realized in cooperation with the agency of science and economy of the city of Regensburg and further partners such as IHK, Hans Lindner Institution, BayStartUp and others. The founding consultation covers all start-up issues. Besides the analysis of the start-up projects, the consultancy includes arranging contacts and informs about networks and projects.

  • Assistance with drafting of business plans, financial plan, earnings and revenue outlook
  • Individually designed overview of the most important legal aspects of business start-up
  • Brochures and information material, overview of possible support and financial programs
  • Information about regional technology and industry networks
  • Contacting potential cooperation partner universities

Further Education

The cluster establishes continuing education events which are constituted so that exchange of experience between the cluster members will be intensified. They should take up the subject at the point where companies need support and further education in the innovation process.

You can find members of different focus in the cluster. Engineers, start-ups, scientists, manufacturers and many other professions from research and development to production or marketing quest for latest knowledge. The networking of this business areas within the E-Mobility cluster allows to join up exactly here. Members of the cluster can learn from each other and exchange experiences. The services allow in the form of further education competencies to be bundled and knowledge to be passed. The aim to establish training opportunities which focus in increasing the innovativeness, e.g.

  • Subsidies for technology projects
  • Creativity in the innovation process
  • Industrial property rights

The E-Mobility Cluster Regensburg is one of the three clusters by R-Tech GmbH and benefits from a widespread knowledge in the fields of E-Mobility, IT-Security, IT-logistics and further more.

Exchange of Experience

The project's overall goal is to successfully develop and market the products. To realize these aims and to expand the entrepreneurial success, it is important to establish the right contacts paired with targeted exchange of know-how and experience.

As an interface between companies, academic solutions and decision makers, the E-Mobility Cluster offers the thematic framework to bring all the relevant actors together at one table. The relevant stakeholders are provided with the opportunity to think beyond their own individual field of expertise and gain new impressions. This is how innovative ideas and cooperative business relationships are created. New project ideas and possibilities of cooperation can be generated as a result of this. 

The E-Mobility Cluster Regensburg offers recurring event formats that make use of these possibilites:

  • E-Mobility on site
  • E-Breakfast
  • Forum E-Mobility
  • Innovation congress
  • Annual meeting 

Human Resources

Companies want their vacancies to be filled with qualified and motivated people. Students and graduates are also striving for a suitable position. It is difficult to get a comprehensive overview by means of just one simply job interview.

That's why the E-Mobility cluster Regensburg brings together all of the stakeholders. The new cluster-service "Job-bus - catch the bus"directly connects companies with students and graduates. The students will have the possibility to get a deeper impression of the company and the corporate structures. On the other hand, companies have the possibility to present themselves and adress students that are interested in the enterprises's contents. "Job-bus" informs about regional professional perspectives. 

The goal: in each case visiting three to five companies. The students will have the possibility to closely examine their potential employer. Afterwards, all participants meet at the Get-Together in the business incubator TechBase.

A further component within this service is the publishing and maintenance of vacancies of cluster members on the website.