E-Mobility Cluster


The E-Mobility Cluster Regensburg has set itself the goal to place Regensburg among the best locations for technological innovation in the field of E-Mobility as part of the regional business development program. Therefore the E-Mobility Cluster Regensburg initiates and designs research- and application projects in the sector of E-Mobility and is not only restricted to regional and national projects, but also investigates into international projects and collaborations. The E-Mobility Cluster Regensburg is focused on electric vehicles, smart grid/charging station infrastructure and ICT for e-mobility.


Regensburg should be established as one of the leading research-, development- and application site in Bavaria. Competencies and capacities in the cluster should be effectively expanded and optimally combined in cooperative and innovative projects. Cooperative R&D projects by business and science - especially projects with SME's - should be boosted.

Main points of the cluster are innovation-focused services/cluster-services. The development and implementation of services among the value chain is essential because the cluster supports companies with the implementation of turning new ideas into attractive products and services. These include support at innovation processes and further services in the range of funding acquistion, internationalization or apprenticeship and in-service-training.

Cluster members are being integrated into working groups to the topics of electric vehicle, ICT, smart grid/charging pole infrastructure. The aim is to develop ideas for potential research- and development projects to process future-oriented technologies in the range of e-mobility.

Advisory Council

The E-Mobility Cluster Regensburg has an advisory council which supports the cluster management consultatively and takes an active part in the strategic orientation of the cluster.  The advisory council is taken by managing directors and decision makers from economy, science and administration.


The economic area of Regensburg is strongly shaped by the potential of companies and research institutes in the automotive electric/electronic environment or software engineeing. Future mobility will be electric, cross-linked and automated. With existing technological skills and tasks, the profile of this location raises. 

Therefore the E-Mobility Cluster Regensburg has been founded 2011. Until end of 2014, the management of the cluster was taken over by the agency of science and economy. Since 2015, it is in the hands of R-Tech GmbH, a subsidiary of the city of Regensburg.

R-Tech GmbH

The R-Tech GmbH is a subsidiary of the city of Regensburg, with the task of promoting economy and foundations in Regensburg and the Upper Palatinate. The company thereby follows an innovative approach by connecting start-up support with network and cluster activities - two fields which are mutually supportive. The R-Tech GmbH operates the TechBase, which was built in close proximity to the technical college of Regensburg and the university.